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Trust Your Gut [Step #3]

Want in on a secret? One that no art collector will ever admit to?

Find a Trusted Outlet [Step #2]

And no, Ikea is not one of them.

3 Steps to Find Quality Art You Actually Like [Step #1]

It was a nightmare. I still remember the first time I opened Google and naively typed "contemporary art online." What youthful hope I had! Little did I know I was about to be bombarded: hundreds of faceless online art dealers with thousands of "pieces" of "art" from "artists" "all around the world." I had no idea where to begin.

State of the Art Podcast | Rent the Runway of Art: GoARTful

Art can save lives. And for both Brandolon Barnett and Messay Derebe art did save their lives. And art brought them together. Now they want to bring art to everyone by making it accessible and affordable to dip your toes into the art world. Hence goARTful was born. This startup allows individuals or companies to rent art from local artists and switch out the art as much as they want.

GoARTful Lets Members Try Art Before They Buy It

In a new twist on art collection, Washington, D.C. startup GoARTful, a gallery for the 21st century, lets members try out pieces of art in their home via subscription for $15 to $50 per month. After signing up, members choose between limited prints or original art from an artist’s studio, based on the member’s budget. Members can try different pieces to see what best fits their tastes and space and exchange it for another piece when they’re ready. Members also get the opportunity to join their local artist community to meet the artists and get free admission to exclusive art events in their area.

How This Founder Is Connecting Millennials To Local Artists

Collecting art has always been notoriously expensive, limited to those who can afford to invest the money and time. But not anymore. Enter Washington, D.C.-based startup goARTful, a subscription-based service looking to democratize the art world by connecting art lovers with photography, paintings, and drawings from local artists at prices they can afford.

This DC startup is offering a subscription-based art plan

A newly-launched D.C. startup is looking to take office art beyond whatever happens to be on the whiteboard. Newly launched DC-based art subscription company goARTful allows you to rotate photo, drawing and painting prints from local artists in the office or home from $15 a month on up... Read the full article at DC.

Meet the D.C. Startup That Lets You Test Drive Art in Your Home Before Purchasing

It’s one thing trying to find a place in the Washington, D.C. metro area that’s within a desired budget. It’s another to start thinking about how to furnish the new home and decorate it. That’s where new D.C. startup GoARTful comes in... Read the full article at DC Inno.

D.C. Tech Startup Revolutionizes the Way You Can Explore Local Art

Company aims to use subscription service and new technologies like augmented reality to bring local art into more homes and businesses

Art is for everyone

Art is for everyone. With goARTful, we imagine a new tool that uses the sharing economy model to democratize access to visual art. But what does that mean?

The arts saved my life

The arts saved my life. I won’t use a blog post to tell my whole life’s story (though you can find me at one of our events!). Yet when things were really bad, and getting worse, it was Japanese animation that inspired me and gave me the motivation to strive for more than the meager expectations the world had for me and other kids in my South Dallas neighborhood...
goARTful Fund
Central to goARTful's mission is to expand access to the arts.
As a social enterprise, we support artists and arts non-profits through the goARTful Fund.