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about us

Brandolon Barnett

Brandolon has a love for music and the arts that comes from his time as a performer, his love of anime and photography, and graduate research into the importance of the arts for economic development.

Meghan Ball

Meghan sees extraordinary potential in partnerships for expanding access to the arts. Meghan is a creator, dabbling in data visualization, graphic design, and watercolor painting, but her true love is the fiber crafts, specifically knitting and sewing.

Messay Derebe

Messay is a passionate believer in the transformative power of the arts having seen their impact on her own life. She has committed her career to expanding access to arts for all.

Nacho Cerrato

Nacho loves connecting the dots between problem and solution with technology. He's excited to explore how technology can be used to connect art-creators and art-lovers and embraces the chaos involved in these new possibilities.