Brandolon Barnett

Brandolon has a love for music and the arts that comes from his time as a performer, his love of anime and photography, and graduate research into the importance of the arts for economic development. 

Brandolon holds an MA in International Studies with a specialization in International Economics from the University of London SOAS. He brings to Artful a wide range of experience within the social enterprise and social impact space. He has successfully managed NGO programs in major US markets and on the ground in 5 countries, worked as as analytics manager for Frontstream/TRUiST, as a senior researcher with the Council on Foundations, and as a corporate social responsibility consultant with Global Impact. 

He has also acted as the first Director and leader of Growfund (, shepherding a $1 million seed investment in the startup and bringing the platform from 160 to thousands of potential users in its first year. Brandolon is a respected speaker on topics related to diversity in philanthropy, impact measurement, impact investing, giving trends, and social innovation. He has been invited to speak at the 2014 Conference for Sustainable Cultural Heritage Management in Rome, the 2016 conference of the Association for Corporate Contributions Professionals (ACCProf), the 2016 Blackbaud Conference, 2017 SXSW, 2017 SOCAP, and other venues. 

He is active as a volunteer, and loves his hometown NBA team the Dallas Mavericks.